Studio Biography: Brittnee Bullington

What do you enjoy most about taking photos?

I enjoy taking photos because I am able to stop time. In that moment, my camera is able to capture a memory that can be passed down for generations to come. Not only am I able to create art, I am able to create memories.

What is your favorite subject matter to photograph?

I absolutely love working with newborns and children. They're so unexpected, and no matter how prepared you are for a shoot, they can completely flip the script on you. There's something about shooting the simplicity of a newborn. And children always make photo shoots interesting.

Do you have a favorite photo from any of your shoots?

I have two. One is from a recent newborn shoot with 7 day old, Piper. She was such a dream baby, she slept so well, posed so easily and was the sweetest little thing. 


My second favorite photo is of Josiah, at age 3 months. He was so charismatic and the weather was perfect that day.

What goals do you hope to accomplish working with the Studio?

I hope to change the way people perceive photography. I want to be able to capture timeless moments for families, even if they are the messiest of memories. Photography does not have to be perfect, and that is something I've learned since starting to work for the studio. Not every shot will be perfectly clear, not every piece of hair will stay in it's place - but it's still a special memory nonetheless.