Starting To Realeyez...

When I started this little "studio" in 2013, I never expected it to manifest into what it has today. Brittnee and I have touched so many lives with our work, our stories and our passion for the art of photography. New equipment and new software have progressed our style, but our vision has been the driving force the entire time. We want the world to see what we see. 

We start with the people closest to us by sharing our talents with them. That gets passed on to the next generation, then the next as we continue to grow and help more people Realeyez. Our equipment is not unique. Our software and computer is not unique. Our story and pursuit for a better world filled with beautiful memories IS unique. 

We work hard to not only provide you with beautiful photos, but to also tell your story. Let us help you Realeyez. 

Studio Biography: Brittnee Bullington

What do you enjoy most about taking photos?

I enjoy taking photos because I am able to stop time. In that moment, my camera is able to capture a memory that can be passed down for generations to come. Not only am I able to create art, I am able to create memories.

What is your favorite subject matter to photograph?

I absolutely love working with newborns and children. They're so unexpected, and no matter how prepared you are for a shoot, they can completely flip the script on you. There's something about shooting the simplicity of a newborn. And children always make photo shoots interesting.

Do you have a favorite photo from any of your shoots?

I have two. One is from a recent newborn shoot with 7 day old, Piper. She was such a dream baby, she slept so well, posed so easily and was the sweetest little thing. 


My second favorite photo is of Josiah, at age 3 months. He was so charismatic and the weather was perfect that day.

What goals do you hope to accomplish working with the Studio?

I hope to change the way people perceive photography. I want to be able to capture timeless moments for families, even if they are the messiest of memories. Photography does not have to be perfect, and that is something I've learned since starting to work for the studio. Not every shot will be perfectly clear, not every piece of hair will stay in it's place - but it's still a special memory nonetheless.

Studio Biography: Alex Rethlake

**When did you come up with the idea for Realeyez Studio?

I officially started the studio in July of 2013. Before photography, I had another business called Westlake Productions that a friend and I would run and direct together. We mostly did small video projects for people around the Muncie, Indiana area. My Mom and Pops bought us our first DSLR camera for a video project back in 2012. We shot and directed a small commercial for an irrigation company called MAISCO by Valley. The project was a success, but ran through a bit of a learning curve. Producing, directing, and editing for our first BIG company was a bit unnerving, but such a blessing to learn and find our inner professional.

**How did you come up with your company name and slogan?

"Realeyez Studio"  is a play on words. "Real eyes realize" was going to be the company tagline. "Realeyez" is just a combination of those words into a creative play on words, and I liked the look of the newly formed word so decided to go with it. The slogan "Let us help you Realeyez" is just a clever way of using the made up name.

**What do you like most about photography?

The simple fact that I can take a photo and manipulate the colors, lines, shapes, exposure, etc. fascinates me. When I got the Canon t3i in 2012, I had no intentions on using it for photography. I was a video guy looking to become the next Steven Spielberg. Ha. In May of 2013 I took a photo of my cousin, Jo. I loved the picture, but didn't do anything with it until I got the Iphone 4S. The photo editing apps were fun and easy to use. Editing became a fun hobby of mine after work all day in a RV factory. Jo's mother, my Aunt, absolutely loved the edited version of the photo and asked if I would do more.

**What is your favorite photo you've taken so far?

For those who know me, I have a cabin in the back of my parents house called, "The Fort." This is where my I do most of my editing, relaxing, planning and plotting. The Fort is my oasis and happy place where my creativity and brainstorming can push me to do bigger and better things with Realeyez Studio. Here is my favorite photo of "The Fort."

The Fort

**Where do you think the Studio will take you as far as success and goals in the future?

Well, I hope I am able to work full time for the Studio and help it grow into something noble and passionate. I see my talent as a way to leave something behind in this world. I can say I am leaving families with memories of their younger days. I can say I'm leaving a newly married couple photos they can later pass down to their kids, then grandkids, then great grandkids. That to me is more valuable than the money they're paying to capture those moments. 

I want to make more people Realeyez. All over the world. One shuttersnap at a time. 


Dress Intentionally

Fall is quickly drawing to an end. Get the most out of the fall colors and beautiful scenery by following a few simple dress code guidelines! 

*Do coordinate but DO NOT wear matching clothing. Pick 3-4 complementary colors and carry them throughout your family’s outfits. When everyone is wearing the exact same thing photos can look stiff  and staged. You want your family photos to resemble you and your family not the fake photo that comes inside a new picture frame.

color wheel


*Don’t wear all white clothing! White is a tricky color to pull off successfully and can washout skin tones.

*Do have fun with accessories: Scarves, gloves, hats, jewelry, belts, and hair accessories are all a great way to add a little personality to your photos. If you’re not sure about an accessory bring it along and have your photographer take a look. Better safe than sorry! 

*Don’t be afraid of color: Jewel tones look great on camera, can compliment most skin tones, and are great colors fall photos. Compliment your colors to match your scenery. 

*Do have fun with prints: If done right, prints photograph beautifully! Plaid, hounds tooth, strips, flowers, polka dots, argyle, etc. Try adding prints in small doses; a tie with a fun pattern, vest, scarf, or cardigan. If most of your family is wearing solids DON’T stick dad in a plaid shirt. The fix for this problem would be to introduce a print in the other outfits as well.

*Don’t wear clothing with logos or wording that is highly visible: Unless you're modeling for Nike and just want to "DO IT" don't do it. 

*Do have fun with layers: Layered clothing looks great in photos and gives your photo, well, depth and layers. Leg warmers under boots, a fall jacket over a collared shirt, a scarf over your tee shirt, etc. 

*Don’t wait till the last minute to decide on your wardrobe: Plan for the location you're shooting in. If there is brick wall, wear a complimentary color to red/orange. If there is a specific pattern in your shot, wear something to offput you from the background. Ask your photographer in advance if you're still unsure or want a great idea. Which brings me to my next point...

*Do get your photographer involved: Email, txt, call, message, carrier pigeon, whatever! A photographer isn't just a dude with an expensive camera. He/She usually knows how to work a scene and has first hand experience with colors, patterns, scenes, and lighting. Ask and you shall receive quality advice on those trick photography questions. 

*Don’t forget shoes: Shoes are just as important as your outfit. No athletic shoes for the guys unless it fits with the overall theme of your session.

*Do think about the location your family session will be held: You want your outfits to complement the location you choose. This is another reason why it’s a good idea to share your outfit selections with your photographer so they can come up with areas and backdrops selections that will coordinate with your wardrobe.

*Don’t highlight a part of your body that you’re uncomfortable with: If you’re uncomfortable with your arms, don’t go sleeveless. I It’s important that you feel good in what you’re wearing. Feeling comfortable means more focus and attention goes into your expressions rather than your physical appearance. That's what it's all about anyways!